Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks and 6 days

Weight gain? 23 lbs since my last appt

Maternity Clothes? So just for future reference or anyone that wants ideas. I usually go on Pinterest and type maternity outfits to get ideas and inspiration. It helps cause dressing a baby bump is harder then you think  

Stretch marks? I have some around my crazy freaking belly button. I can definitely see though that once this baby is out of me I am going to find more! WARRIOR STRIPES!

Sleep? It hasn't been that bad this past week. But my back is starting to kill me a lot more and I'm hot. But if I get those two under control before I fall asleep I can have a fairly decent nights sleep.

Best moment this week? We did a lot of Easter Celebrating which is always fabulous. I finished Boston's mobile for his room and its ADORABLE

Miss anything? My body is hitting uncomfortable stages, more frequently and for longer periods of times. I am getting a little excited to think about having my body back.

Cravings? Ice Cream, specifically Root Beer Floats. Rootbeer has sounded so good all the time.

Any Aversions? Chick fil A, there is just something about it...

Showing? I have no idea where this little boy will go the next ten weeks

Belly button in or out? Out, and it feels so weird like rubber

Wedding ring on or off? Its come off and I wear a ring to fill in for it, cause it feels weird not having it there
Happy or Moody?MOST the time happy, I have a few teary moments but overall good

Looking forward to? I am getting the nesting feeling, which I am so loving. So I have all these things I want to clean and make and do.

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