Monday, April 16, 2012

Our so called Easter

Easter was kind of a bust for us this year. I once again had to work on Easter Sunday. Which was a bummer. I had all these plans and ideas that I wanted to do for Easter this year but I never got a second to do it. I bought two Easter egg dying kits in 2011 but we only ended up using one, so I figured we would just save it for this year. But the week before I had Bunco at my house, than Jake's birthday, than I worked the weekend shift. There wasn't a second for us to do it, I am kind of bummed but oh well!

We did however go the night before Easter to a choir performance, about Christ and his resurrection which was really spiritual and a perfect way to kick off Easter. It was called The Lamb of God. Jake's sister Rebecca was lucky enough to preform in it for her 3rd year. It was all incredible!

One thing I did get around to doing, that I was so proud of, and so happy with was to make Easter baskets. I didn't do any baskets last year but than it wasn't a fun memorable Easter so I made sure we had some this year.  A lady in my ward showed me how, and I LOVE how they turned out!

This was mine, I loved the fabric! It's two different fabrics that go together. I loved how they correlated. I was pretty proud of myself. They really were so easy and fun to pick out.
This is Jakey's! Very fun! I love that these are something that could last forever, and they are way cuter than the plastic ones from the store. I will probably end up making some for our kiddo's!

Like I said earlier, I was working but a co-worker came up with the idea that we split our shift, so we could have half of Easter with our families. I was so happy! I woke up Easter morning and I went and filled our baskets than, I hid Jake's basket and he hid mine. 

These are our "where could it be" faces. REAL nice!

In case you were worried. We DID find them. Mine was under the coffee table ( I found it in like 10 seconds, as I did Jake says "yeah Im not very good at this") Than, Jake's was in the pantry on the second to last shelf! Clever, why yes I am.

These are our SO EXCITED IT'S EASTER faces! After, I cooked our favorite breakfast, Chocolate chip waffles with O.J. Jake having peanut butter and syrup. Sicko. I was happy to spend some of the day with my love. 

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