Friday, April 13, 2012

My Old Man

Jacob had a lovely little birthday April 6th. He turned 28. I keep saying to myself "I can't believe I have a 28 yr old husband." I knew the day would come that it would freak me out that he was older than me, but I didn't think this would be the year. Sometimes every so often I look at him and feel like such a little girl, than other times I look at him and say "stop acting like such a little girl". I guess in the end it evens out! :)

Anyways, I always stress out over holidays, and his birthdays. But every time he is always so happy even if I didn't do anything too extravagant. To me birthdays are such a big deal and it's so important for it to be good that I worry I am not doing enough. Luckily I married Jake who doesn't like to spend money or have a huge celebration! We started the morning off at 6 am. Jake was up getting ready to work, and I had set my alarm so I could cook breakfast for him. As I got up Jake told me to go back to bed cause he hardly eats breakfast, and wouldn't anything I made him! I felt bad, but was okay with catching more shut eye! Later that morning I had set a goal to make this cake I saw off of Pinterest (of course). It was a darling golf cake that looked fairly easy to make and he LOVES golf. So I couldn't wait. It wasn't too bad, it's just very tedious and I didn't have the right tools to make it professional. But it turned out pretty cute and he loved it!
So I ended up running out of frosting just at the end, pretty ghetto!
We than, headed over to his parents to eat Jake's favorite meal and open gifts. His choice was his mom's homemade lasagna! I unfortunately didn't try it, cause I hate lasagna but I heard it was amazing! After Jake got to open some pretty snazzy gifts. His sister, got him a $ 50 gas card, now that he is driving up to West Valley every day. His brother got him a tie, and a subway gift card. From me he got a new belt, socks, flip flops, and cash to go golfing this spring/summer. Than from his parents, he got a shirt and tie, his favorite treats, his favorite cereal (which is tradition) and some doggie stuff that Jake could appreciate. (?) Than his dad brought in this big box, as Jake was opening it, his mom was saying "Your dad really wanted to do something extra nice for you this year." Jake pulled out some grilling utensils. Jake started to say "Oh, how did you guys know we were going to buy a grill soon?" His dad replied "Oh you won't need to buy it, it's in the garage!" I wish I had my camera out for this point cause mine and Jake's faces were priceless. We were both so shocked that his parents had bought us a grill. Jake just got wide eyed and kept saying "oh my gosh!!" He looked at me and I had my eyes all wide and mouth dropped open and was covering my face! We were so excited! 

I have decided to make it a tradition that you have to take a picture every year by the Birthday Wreath on your birthday! So Jake was the first one this year! Doesn't he look cute?

We ended the night with his golf cake, ice cream, and some trick candles! Jake didn't catch on till he was blowing them out for this first time. It was funny, than it just got annoying!

Jake and I went home, and I gave his last birthday present (need I explain) he said it was a great day, and he loved everything! So I had done good! But we still got to celebrate with my family on Easter Sunday!
Unfortunately I had to work Easter Sunday, but I got there and we had a nice steak dinner with all the fixings. My sister made a cute peeps Easter/Birthday cake and we sang and opened presents. He got a t-shirt and tie and more cash, a restaurant gift card, and more cash. His favorite thing. I gave him two new shirts and a pair of new shorts. So basically Jake was very spoiled! 


  1. Look lady.... there is NOTHING wrong with turning 28! (Okay, I'm in denial. There is EVERYTHING wrong with turning 28. That's why I'm not going to do it!!)
    Glad he had a great b-day and his day(s) turned out good! Loved his cake btw!

  2. Jamie, thanks for always commenting! I love ya sister!