Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why I hate homo sapien's...

Maybe, it's because I'm a girl and I have period hormones that make me feel this way. Maybe it's because human being's are absolute idiots. Or maybe just maybe I want to vent to no one in particular.

Uhm, why are people so dumb that they speak actual words out of their mouths. For instance, just because I want to be a nurse, doesn't officially make me one. Just because I have a CNA license and know a teensy bit more than the average human being about medical ish STILL doesn't make me a nurse. Just because I work at a hospital with patients, doctors, and medical supplies, DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT make me a damn nurse. So no, I can't tell you what this medication is and what it does, I can't tell you what your sick with, and I can't give you any medical supplies. So stop asking. Maybe when I become a nurse I will do one of these things, but for safety let's not count on it.

So your being a bitch? (oops) Well these days do happen, mostly to women, but sometimes to men. But, do you see me asking men if there on their periods and that's why their so onery? Hmm, sure don't. I don't want to EVER hear these  five words come out of anybodies mouth's if you reading this blog! ARE YOU ON YOUR PERIOD? Okay, so let's say I was? Do you think that makes the situation any better? What if I'm not? Prepare for the burning depths of hell to overcome you!

This coincides with point above ^^. Hi my name is Jenessa, I have been married a year and a couple months. Yep I sure have fluctuated in my weight since I got married. Nope it sure does not mean I am pregnant. So here is an idea. Let's not ask it, pretend to ask it, or think it! Unless you see a human being coming out of my vagina don't utter a word. Also, if I want to get knocked up tomorrow, 5 years from now, or never, don't tell me what your opinion is and how it will affect me UNLESS I Jenessa Rochele Frahm have asked you. (I have asked people already and there advice was taken in but that's because I ASKED for it)

Oh I'm sorry was the day I planned to do something with people really inconvient for you? Should we switch the whole day around for you alone? Alright yeah that works for me too!

Basically, people bug me, and this is why! This post is approved by Jenessa! :)


  1. Wow, Jen. Who pissed in your cheerios?? Looks like we need to go to St. George again. (Without kids!)
    Sorry you're having a bad day. But don't worry, this post doesn't at all like you have PMS... so be glad about that!! Ha ha ha ha!

  2. So... are you on... KIDDIN! I absolutely HATE when people say that! Especially males. Goodness!

  3. Someone is an angry elf...
    I feel ya sister. Like I said, some people need a mute button so I can press it when they open their mouths.
    Sorry people are dumb and directing their dumbness at you.

  4. I am scared....
    Go to your happy place...
    but I do agree with all of the above.
    I would like to add that some people think it's ok to let their kids come to your house and TRASH it, like dumping a whole box of cereal on the floor! And then act like it ain't no thang when they realize their lack of attention has lead to their child's said actions. IDIOTS! WATCH YOUR DAMN KIDS!
    Ah, glad I can add to the biotch fest;-)

  5. oh jenessa, you have got me laughing out loud girl!!!! love it and relate to every single word coming out of your blog. :)