Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A friggin Christmas Miracle

Remember how in January I wrote a really depressing post about not getting into Provo College and how life sucked? Well, for awhile things weren't looking up, and I was so depressed and in a slump. Than another blow to the stomach ( I can't remember if I had mentioned this one yet) I was suspended, yes SUSPENDED from UVU. I find it a little funny now. But when I first found out I cried and cried and cried a little more. So long story short, it wasn't fun. They told me because I was suspended that I would not be able to get my transcripts and they could hold them for the time being. In order to get them I had to go through this whole process than UVU would take it to the board and they would rule if I could have them or even continue going there.

I didn't know what to do these last few months. I finally emailed the lady. I explained my situation and asked if there was anyway she could help me. Two days later (Monday) I received an email back. All it said was "I will temporarily put a hold on your suspension so you can access your transcripts" I was so utterly excited. I thought I would have to start all my classes from square one and that I would never be able to become a nurse, or it would take me ten+ years.

So as of today, I applied to Salt Lake Community College. Than after I hear from them I send my transcripts over and I start a new schooling career. I am really excited cause SLCC opens up two different doors for me to choose from for nursing school. When I was at UVU, I had one and it closed! So yes, it is April but it feels like a Christmas miracle!


  1. YAY for you! What's that saying... when God closes a door he opens a window?? Nicely done sis. But, what the Truck is this about you being suspended!!!?? Umm.... why you keeping secrets from me? Not cool.
    Happy for you though! ;-)

  2. jenessa, that is pretty sweet!!! so happy for you! :) dreams do come true.

  3. Wow, I swear I told like 8 million people and at Bunco a bajillion times. MAYBE you just dont like to listen to my stories...hmmm?

  4. Congratulations! I know that was super frustrating for you.
    I have heard that SLCC is a good school. So are you just going to commute? You're on your way!