Monday, April 2, 2012

Girl's mixed with Conference

Last Christmas my dad gave all of his 4 daughters a gift card to get our toes or nails done! After so many years and so many daughters he knows how to treat us! This became more of a tradition in the last two years. He first did it for Christmas for my wedding which was 2 weeks later. Than he did it last year for mothers day. So every time we make a Girl's Night out of it. This year was no exception. There wasn't a weekend from December 25 till March 31 that worked for any of us till now. Which happened to be conference weekend and the night of Priesthood so it was kinda crazy. 

Than after some pedi's we went to dinner at Pizza Factory. I was really bummed cause Jamie's little girl threw up right before she had to leave and she couldn't come to dinner, than Kylie's babysitter didn't up working out so she brought her girl's to dinner. Which was fine, I love her girls, but not when you wait for food for OVER an hour. After, Amy and I went to the mall and bought ourselves some cute little items! For the most part it was a good night!

That night I got a call from my cousin's husband asking if Jake and I wanted to go the Sunday morning conference session. I had never been so we jumped at the opportunity. We all drove up together and it was so nice. We all talked and got along and everything was going well! We had seats on the balcony and the second I sat down I was amazed!

The view was incredible. They also, ask you to come an hour early because from 9:30 to 10 they have Music and the Spoken Word. Can I just tell you how amazing Motab is? To here there vocals in that setting just gave me chills! I was astonished! Than the talks came, and I couldn't get over how amazing all of the talks were in every session! Basically, my first conference was a hit, and I am so glad Mrs. Ashlee and her hubs took us! 


  1. I was so bummed I had to skip out on dinner. But maybe not so much considering the long wait. Ridiculous!!
    I'm so glad you got to go to conference. I have never been but have always wanted to. How nice of Ashley to invite you guys!
    Love ya girlie!!

  2. Conference was so fun! I'm so glad you guys came! It really was such a good time! I'm so glad the rain ruined my hair and made me look like that in the picture :P bleh... haha. Thanks for coming! I'm excited for lunch!