Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Time!

This week consisted of a lot of family time.

Monday, August 6:

 Monday was "trying something new for dinner" day, it consisted of eggplant Ravioli and Alfredo sauce, which all around I loved. Than Jake started acting weird about the eggplant and than the meal started to taste funny. But for the most part it was delish! I also added to my "reading nook" There is this awkward part in my house that I never knew what to do with, when I finally saw a darling lounge chair from target and decided it would be a cute little nook! I just added a cheap 25$ bookcase from Target, and I LOVE IT! All I need is a lamp and I'm golden!

Tuesday, August 7:

Tuesday was clean your house like mad day. Than we ended it with a lovely dinner made by my sister, which paid us for babysitting these two lovelies ^^. We always have so much fun with these crazies. We watched the younger one Reese pound her dinner, her sisters dinner, and anything left over! Than we bathed them which they were being so funny in the tub! Than tucked them into bed. Makes me excited for kids someday!

Wednesday, August 8:

Jake decided we needed to have one last family party with the Frahm side of the family before his aunt and cousin went back to Hong Kong. We had snacks, games, went to the park, and talked a lot. It was a good night to see everyone and just hang with everyone! Great night! I also worked that day, which some of my cute coworkers are pictured above!

Thursday, August 9:
I hate McDonald's. I think there food quality is crap, and it is so fattening! But... I didn't want to cook Thursday, and my husband had been begging me to go to McDonald's on Thursday cause lately they have that every Thursday is .99 cent Big Mac's! So I caved. We went and purchased 5!!!!! I wanted to vomit. I only ate one, and it wasn't terrible but than I looked at the calories and nearly threw up. Oh well, you win some and you lose some!

Friday, August 10:
Friday is always date night! I love date night and ALWAYS look forward to it. We always go to a sit down restaurant and just talk and enjoy life while we can. We went to Rubio's which was heavenly! Than decided to also go out and see Snow White and the Huntsman. It was so fun! The movie was pretty good, really dark and I hate Kristen Stewart. But other than that pretty good! I give this date night an A+.

Saturday, August 11:
I woke up to breakfast in bed, by the best guy I know, My HUSBAND! I was so out of it! But I know I look freakish, but I had to document this moment, cause it doesn't normally happen! I was so excited to see this plate of food and OJ! Later that evening we had my mom's family reunion which was good. We saw lots of cousins and aunts we hadn't seen in years! Than for fun, me and my siblings besides my sister Kylie went and saw "What to Expect When Your Expecting" it was so funny! Tons of fun too!

Sunday, August 12:

So this is random, but I didn't have much to post about today! But I live in Lehi, and all they have is hard water. So its really damaging, to cars, skin, and especially my toilet bowls! I have had a battle with the Toilet Bowl Ring for MONTHS! Especially this toilet that doesn't get used. But someone recommended to me what is called a "Pumie Stick". I ordered it off Amazon for like $11 bucks. Which I was like seriously for a stupid tiny stick. WELL it came in the mail and it was HUGE!! So I put it to the test on my half bath toilet and it worked!! Like seriously, that is the sickest toilet bowl ring EVER and it worked like a charm in seconds! I am in love!! It was WELL worth my $11 bucks!

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