Sunday, August 19, 2012

My last week of Summer {tear}

Sadly it has come to an end. Summer time. This one has been a very good one indeed! When I think about last years this one was a lot better. I'm very glad I documented my little moments of everyday...but I won't ever do it again ahaha. Now I will go back to my regurlarly posting of randomness and thoughts! So I hope you enjoyed this while I laster. Now I move onto FALL! Can't wait!

Monday, August 13:
Monday was work day. And it was back to being a PCT for the first time in a LONG time. To say I was exhausted is an understatement. But I was getting the itch to be creative and the only energy I had was to paint my nails. So paint my nails I shall! I loved the idea via Pinterest, but once I did it on my nails I didn't like it as much. Oh well, still fun!

Tuesday, August 14:
My brother-in-law came into town for the week of his 30th birthday! We almost did something every night to celebrate. On Tuesday we got the extended Frahm family together and had a BBQ with kickball at the park! It was so fun, to have everyone there once again! Unfortunately I am a little slow and forgot to take pictures. But my BIL and Dante came over for a sleepover and card games that night!
Wednesday, August 15:

Wednesday was Mike's actual birthday. We all met up at Sizzler for dinner and stuffed ourselves. We opened gifts and I made him that fun little "30 sucks gift" We played games after and had tons of fun!

Thursday, August 16:
Last day of Pool and sunshine! :( That is one thing that does make me a little bit sad, but I get over it real quick. I met up with my sisters, their kids, bunco gals, and their kids. I made sure to NOT put on sunscreen to get in my last bit of rays. It's already faded :( After I went and got a pedicure  and my hair did! I felt like Mullet woman by the time I got there. It was MUCH needed! 

Friday, August 17:

Mike and I LOVE sushi! We could eat it at least once a week. My husband likes it but not THAT much. So whenever Mike is in town I try and get him to help me convince Jake for all you can eat Sushi. Since it was Mike's birthday week, it was easy! We went to Tokyo and even Rebecca joined us! We got 11 rolls between the four of us, and my husband wanted to order more! After we met up with a bunch of family and played games. SUPER fun!

Saturday, August 18:

It was date night for me and the hubs, but we were determined to use a coupon! So we found one for Dickey's and decided to try it. HOLY MOSES! So good! I had heard it was good, but it was like epic! Bonus: They give you soft serve and pickles and a complimentary!!

Sunday, August 19:
K, let's pretend that I took this picture. I didn't I am pictured out. But I did paint my nails like this and they are DARLING. They look 90% exactly like this. Probably my new favorite, ever. and SUPER easy. 

STATS for Summer 2012:
Holidays Celebrated: 4
Bike Rides: 3
Birthday's Celebrated: 9
Spent in the Water: 9
Attending City Events: 3
Parties Thrown: 2
Desserts eaten: 20
Days Spent watching Children: 6
Trips away:1
Made Crafts: 17
Books Read: 6
Trips to the Insta Care: 1


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