Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinteresting week

This week was all about crafts and decorating, with a few other things in between.

Monday, July 30: 

My cute sister Kylie, celebrated her 24th birthday on the 27th. Unfortunately we all had a ton going on that day so we went out to dinner on Monday. She got TONS of adorable clothes and shoes. I hope she ended up having a great birthday! She deserves it. That day I got the "craft bug" it had been awhile and there were things I REALLY wanted to craft for awhile. Here's the thing, I have mentioned this before, once I do one project I do eight! Let's start with the chalk board, I got the idea from a girl who charted her whole pregnancy on a chalk board and it was DARLING! I just needed a cute frame and I could make my own!! So hopefully in the future you will be seeing that baby real soon! Second: The bangles. Super easy and cute. Just take six gold bangles and weave in and out with navy blue ribbon. I loved it! Also inspired via Pinterest. Third: These are spray painted mason and wine bottles. You hot glue a word to it I did "love" and "laugh" than just spray paint. Mine turned out JUST nothing like it. The letters were ugly and the paint dripped and I didn't know how to fix it. But... I didn't want to waste it, so I tied ribbon to it and added that ball of flowers, and it made my alcove somewhat cute! Inspiration Pinterest. My wreaths were all MY idea (for once) I found all the fake plants and wreath at hobby lobby bought 3-4 of each thing and just tried it out. I made a big wreath for my door and a little one to put on that hanger pictured on my table! SO happy with them both! Should be great for Fall!

Tuesday, July 31:

No One Mourns the Wicked! On this beautiful day two years ago I met an amazing man named, Jacob Thomas Frahm. We were married 6 months later!! You can read all about the story right in this very place. Anyways, my sweet man told me he bought tickets on our "meeting each other" anniversary for WICKED! Normally we just go to Cold Stone and get ice cream like we did when we first met, but this year we made a little exception. We grabbed Costa Vida (my favorite) and headed on up there. Now each picture has a story to tell. First, is the one in the car, I specifically asked Jake if he knew how to get there. He replied yes and if we had any problems we could call someone (I HATE that! If you know how to than why would we need to call???) We get all the way up to SLC and up to the State Capitol for the play at the "Capitol Theater"...uhm PS that's NOT were its at. We than found the address drove around and literally had to run in the Theater as they were closing the doors!! Second picture, we listened to the Soundtrack of wicked all the way up! Third picture, Me: "Jake act excited for Wicked" He pulls that face, I snap the picture. Me: "Wow babe that's really precious." Fourth: This is how people do excited at WICKED! Fifth Picture: Got yelled at right after taking this cause ZERO pictures are allowed in the Theater oops! Sixth Picture: Finally got a face of him excited! Seventh: Stood in LINE just to have a picture taken next to the Wicked sign. Psh. Eighth: Wanted a pic in front of Capitol Theater to show off my outfit.

Wednesday, August 1:

We took this day to actually go get our Anny Ice Cream!! YAY! We love Cold Stone!

Thursday, August 2:

On this day I went to Bunco!! I always get excited for Bunco, it's something I look forward to EVERY month! This Bunco was very fun, we had it at Kim's and I won HIGH! I won the cutest shirts and jewelry and it was flattering and fit my personality to a T! My friend in my ward Jessica came and subbed, and got thrown in to the lion's den with this group! But she was a trooper!

Friday, August 3:

One of my best girl friends Kelly, finally turned 20. I didn't get to see her on her actual birthday, so me and our other friend Naomi took her up to City Creek, for Lunch and Shopping! It was my first time up there and I must say i'm a fan and I only went into 3 stores! So much to do and so little time! We went to wonderful Cheescake Factory and than ended up at Nordstrom Rack! Perfect day!

Saturday, August 4:

Saturday I went back to work, bummer but it wasn't an awful day! When I got home we out for Thai Food! We had been planning this for about two weeks, so we were stoked when it finally came around! We went to our favorite, Thai House in Lehi! SO GOOD! There won-tons are heavenly! We ended the night with Racko, and Skip Bo. Were just THAT cool

Sunday, August 5:

Sunday, we didn't do much of anything. I worked and that was all, so I figured I would show you the ch-ch-changes that have been happening in our abode. First I put our two large engagements up in custom frames in the hallway right before our bedroom. It's a perfect addition to what used to be bare hallway. Second after a year and a half of living here, I hung up the curtains in our bedroom and added the curtain holders. It warms the room right up! I also hung one of my favorite bridals right outside our office! For Christmas my mom gave me a print of the temple we were married in. It's large and beautiful, I hung it in our stairwell but it was so bare by itself. Than my mom gave me the sign to hang below it. I finally added the "F" and the two family photos to the side! Does it look good? Someday's I can't decide. Opinions please. Next we go to one of our "new" rooms. When my sister was selling her office desk, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to create an office, in one of the spare bedrooms we have. Let's just say I LOVE IT! WE painted it a light green with brown accents. I created all the decor you see in the room. I put together that bench too! So you could say I'm pretty much AWESOME! 

The end

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