Friday, August 31, 2012

The Verdict Part {2}

Oh have I got the story to TELL! So remember how I said I was waiting on the Dr to read my results so I could get a final word on what is going on in my little world. Well, here it goes:

Wednesday: I wait around again for a phone call that will never come. 

Thursday: Ditto

Friday (today): I call. I call the receptionist. No answer. The lab. No answer. The nurses station. No answer. So I once again leave a message. 10 minutes later. This dear sweet nurse named Heidi calls me back. ( I love Heidi, she was SUPER helpful) So remember in my last post I said Jake's sperm count was low, and his sperm was an abnormal shape? Yeah this time it's not. Let me repeat myself. They said now in this phone call: "Your husbands sperm is normal and you should be getting pregnant." Uhm, what??!?!? I was just told 3 days ago it wasn't and I went through all these emotions and research for you to tell me he is normal? 

Turns out the nurse on Tuesday looked at what the test said which it said that "His saturation was low" and took it as his sperm was low and abnormally shaped. WTH? I was super freaking frustrated at this point. So she could tell I was frustrated and needed some answers and would call the Dr, than call me back with results. 

She calls me and explained everything, and the Dr told her that the next step for me is Clomid. AH!! Okay, so I really hope/never thought it would come to this point. I always thought I would be able to do it on my own and be A okay! But anyways, it just freaks me out cause your chances of twins increases. But that's only a 10% chance! And my chances of getting pregnant is 40% in the first 3 months. Not sure what we are going to do. Definitely something we want to pray about and think over. But SO happy we have some sort of answer!  


  1. Jenessa that's so exciting though that everything is good on his end! I'm sorry you have to go through that but hopefully it'll be easier now. You guys are in my prayers and I hope for the best for you two!

  2. Sorry you have to go through all this. Clomid can be hard on a woman, so just remember...the clomid made you do it!! Love you and hope it all works out for you and Jake!!

  3. That is so hard! But, I took Clomid and never had twins and it didn't make me crazy if that is of any comfort to you...

  4. It's so nice to have answers or options, even if they aren't easy ones. My SIL has taken Clomid and even though it makes her so sick, she's happy to stay prego. No craziness that I've noticed and no twins, just really sick. She's had about 8 miscarriages and 2 pregnancies over the past 7 years; the 2 pregnancies were with the help of Clomid. Seeing her go through it has been tough and I'm sorry that you have to add that to your trials. You're a strong lady though and have tons of support - YOU CAN DO IT! We'll definitely remember you guys in our prayers.