Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm a {High} anxiety kinda' gal

I have anxiety. Like I am sure pretty much a lot of people do in some situations. But somedays I feel like I need serious medication for it. When it comes to school, talking on the phone, or confronting people this is when my anxiety peaks. Every semester since I have started school since I can remember has given me this awesome anxiety.

This semester wasn't any different. I registered and felt pretty good. Of course having set backs doesn't help. I try to put off thinking about school till the very last second. It's not a good thing. I realized I needed to start getting prepared for this Fall 2012 Semester a week and a half ago. I looked up my payments, and they were significantly cheaper than UVU's. So that took anxiety down one notch from 10  notches. Than I checked my SLCC email and I both of my teachers from my two classes had sent me emails with the Syllabuses a week early. So I felt double prepared. That took me from 9 notches to 7 notches. I convinced my husband to drive up there with me so I would be even MORE prepared. It took us 30 min. 6 notches. Than I went and found my classrooms ( I seriously am like a little kid going to back to school day!) and made a plan on how effectively to get from class to class. 4 notches. Than we bought me a parking pass. 3 notches. I figured out how we are going to pay for school so it won't be, such a burden on our savings account. 2 notches. 

HOLY COW! I have never been less stressed for college to start in my entire life!!! I feel slightly excited for school to start. And extremely prepared! Which for high anxiety gal, it's a life savor! The only stresses I have now are: Notch One: Class load and how it will be throughout the semester, Notch Two: How will my teachers be! And I am pretty sure I can figure those out on the first day. 

Man, am I growing up or what??

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  1. Anxiety is no fun at all. Good luck this semester!