Monday, August 13, 2012

Royal Douche Bag (excuse my french)

Uhm...I'm still shaking with anger at this point. And what caused my anger happened over an hour ago.

Picture this, just got off working a 12+ hour shift, and not an easy shift mind you, I'm STARVING, and exhausted. So not a good mood!

I picked up Jake to go grab some dinner, we were stopped at the light waiting for our arrow turning left, to turn green. We are in the far left turn lane and there are two turn lanes. Light turns green we pull forward. We get onto American Fork Main Street, I look over and see this car is trying to come in my lane but if he does he will hit us. So I tap on my horn. Thinking in my head "Hello, Buddy! Sorry someone else is occupying the spot your trying to come in." No biggie you would think Right? RIGHT?? He flips me off! Uhm, Cool Bro! So I honk again. He speeds up and cuts me off, than to SLAM on his BRAKES. If you think my blood isn't boiling at this point you must be out a yo mind! He comes to a COMPLETE STOP in the middle of traffic on a road that the speed limit is 35! Turns his body around and flips me off for about 5 seconds. At this point I am screaming at him, slamming on my brakes AND horn, and saying not good girl things. I'm afraid this guy is going to endanger me and my passengers. He finally starts to drive and goes 10 mph. So I think, "I need to get away from him, before he legitimately kills us." I look over and there is a car in the next lane so I wait till he passes and pull into the lane on my right. Mr. I am out to kill you, starts to pull into the lane, with the intention of hitting us! I'm not even over exaggerating. He kept swerving his car towards our car for the next ten seconds. All the while I am scared out of my mind what this psycho is going to do to us. My husband is screaming at me, and I'm swearing and yelling and at this point slamming on my horn afraid for my life. Finally he pulls in the middle lane, we drive past honking he flips us of eight more times, while mouthing a few choice words and flips around.

Seriously I have been shaking with anger, fear, sadness, and any other emotion I could possibly have. What was his purpose for this? I have no idea? I don't even know what I did to make him so mad. I literally tapped on my horn to make him aware someone was there. I'm just mostly pissed off I didn't get his plates and call the cops! I would have busted a cap on his butt butt for sure next time!


  1. oh man! that is way scary!!! if i would have done something different it would be having my husband drive.. lol i can't handle people like that and i really don't like driving period. so sorry you had to go through that!! boo.

  2. What the holy crap!?!?!?!?! I would have reacted just like you! Seriously what is up with people these days?

  3. That is ridiculous. I seriously hate how reckless people are on the road. I am the first to admit that I am not a perfect driver, so I really don't get too upset when someone tells me so. Life's too short to worry about someone honking their horn. Sheesh.