Thursday, April 9, 2015

31 Years Young

This last Monday was Mr. Frahm's birthday! He turned 31 and this year we kept it more low key since last year we did a big-to-do. But it still was a 3-day low key...kinda.

First, he really wanted to go see a movie with my to start off his birthday weekend. And since we haven't been on a date since who knows when, it was perfect. We had his parents watch Ash and decided to do an earlier movie so we wouldn't be getting so late into bedtime. But that meant we could only grab a quick bite to eat. So we did Subway and then went and saw Cinderella. Which I HIGHLY recommend!

The next day was Conference Weekend but also his dad's day off so we celebrated that day with Jake's family. All Jake asked for this year was MONEY. So he recieved mostly that with a few fun other things that his family knows he loves. Then Jake requested that his mom make Tres Leches. It's not something we normally do, but it was a fun little dessert to try. We spent the rest of the day playing games and celebrating Easter.

The next day, Sunday, was spent mostly at home enjoying the spoken word. That night we went to my family's house for Easter, Jake's Birthday, and my nieces birthday. So it was a crazy night. But we did a Hello Kitty Cake for my niece and Jake got a strawberry Cheesecake from Costco. With 3 candles and then one candle separately hehe. He once again got lots of cash from the members of my family.

Monday, his actual birthday. He took the day off (YAY) and we got to sleep in together then I made him his favorite breakfast; Crepes and toppings, with hashbrowns, and OJ. We of course had to get our traditional "balloon wreath" pic.

Next we went to the mall, to buy him some new jeans. My mom gave him a GC for Christmas and we decided it was time to finally use it. Jake hates shopping but we actually had a lot of fun and I didn't mind watching my man try on jeans. We ended up getting him a cute shirt too. We finished the afternoon off with some lunch and Jake used a GC for chick fil a, which in Jake's world anytime he doesn't have to spend money is a good day. That pretty much was the extent of his presents for the day sadly...but he is getting his big birthday present later, which is also going to be my birthday present. We are finally getting a Bed Set after 4.5 years of marriage.

We put Ashton down for a nap, then Jake got some birthday love (hey its something to blog about, when I am in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy) and then took a nap ourselves. We woke up and it was dinner time so we headed to one of Jake's favs Cafe El Lago. Its up in Saratoga Springs and its mexican. Jake loves it cause we split a meal (which is rare cause I am a freak about my food) which once again saves money but its also freaking delicious. We ended the night with doughnuts from Macey's and made that his birthday cake. 

Although it was a simple birthday I think Jake loved it. I cannot express enough how much I love this guy. He is the MOST incredible Father and husband I could ever ask for. He is my best friend and I am grateful that he is mine every single day. Love you Jacob Thomas. Happy Birthday.

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