Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Nobody likes you when you're 23"

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY! And I turned twenty three!! I will be honest I was not excited for this birthday. I am halfway through my 3rd trimester, uncomfortable, and tired, and I didn't even know what to ask for present wise. (Wo is me right? #firstworldproblems) But my hubbie and family are always so amazing to make my day special and amazing!

On Friday Jake came home with the MOST gorgeous bouquet of flowers I have ever received. My favorite flowers are Gerber Daisies, and the other few flowers that we're mixed in with them we're so perfect. I seriously am obsessed with these flowers and told Jake I wanted to write a poem about them cause I loved them. I didn't but you get the idea!

The next morning I got up and got all cutesy and took our traditional picture with the Balloon Wreath. Then headed to breakfast where I met my mom,dad, and sisters for Kneaders and presents! Yay! My cute mom got me all the scrap-booking stuff that I needed and a GC to Hobby Lobby and and adorable dress that I can wear now and after pregnancy. Then Amy also gave me a GC to hobby lobby. (Jake is very grateful that I won't be spending money there AT least once haha) Jamie gave me an adorable Kimono with earrings which is perfect for me to wear now AND after the babe! Kylie gave me a GC to Target and said its for after I have the babe and she will meet me there one night when I need to escape and she will bring a Swig! Can you say perfect? 

The only thing I wanted the most out of my birthday was a pedicure. First off I can't even bend over to paint them, and I made Jake do it once and it was a disaster. Second off it had been a year since my last one and my feet we're scary. So my sister Amy and Kylie tagged along and it was everything I dreamed of.

I met up with Jake and Ashton who we're running some birthday errands. I met up with them at home where Jake surprised me with a cute bracelet and necklace. (we're also getting our new queen bed) I got the best happy birthday song from Ash and even a kiss! Then we headed out for my favorite cupcakes!

We put Ashton down and we all took naps, which was HEAVEN. Then woke up got ready for dinner. Jake, Ash, and I met up with Naomi for all you can eat sushi! It was freaking delish. I ended the night with going to see Age of Adeline with my mom and Kylie. Then I even got birthday snuggles from Jake. So pretty perfect day!

22 was fabulous, but 23 is going to legen...wait for it...dary! 

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  1. Okay I love how your family goes all out for birthdays! So fun and it definitely looks like you had a great weekend. Also, shopping AND a Swig??? That's my love language! What an awesome sister!