Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A hippity hop Week

Easter was absolutely fabulous. We did a ton this year and Ashton understood so much and it makes it so much fun!

Last Monday, we went to an Egg Hunt where we could meet an Easter Bunny. There we're blow up things, balloons, and Hot dogs. Basically Ashton's heaven. The Easter Bunny flew in on a helicopter which Ash thought was awesome but had ZERO interest in meeting that freaky bunny.

On Wednesday we decided to decorate eggs. The year before Ash kinda liked it, so we we're hopeful. He loved it. He kept wanting to drop them in the cups but then dye would go everywhere and that's not so fun... But overall he loved dying eggs. 

On Saturday, we got up and I made my annual Conference French Toast. Then we enjoyed the first session of Conf. Jake's birthday was the 6th so we Celebrated a couple days early with his family and combined Easter too. My Father in law absolutely adores Ashton and is practically obsessed. He made sure that Ashton had the most extravagant Egg hunt. Complete with 28 eggs just for Ashton filled with candy. Jake's whole family and myself would clap, jump, and cheer for every egg that he found. Its pretty comical when you only have one grandchild and everything he does is spectacular!

The next morning was EASTER! Its tradition for us that the Easter Bunny hides your basket and you go on the hunt. Ashton found his in the washer. That silly bunny. He got a new swim suit, rash guard, new shorts, and two pairs of flip flops, along with WAY TOO MUCH candy. Dad's was hidden in the pantry on the top shelf. And mom's was hidden in Boston's room behind the carseat. Dad got a new shirt, and candy. Mom got the cutest wedges and candy.

Last part of our INCREDIBLE Easter Weekend was spent at my parent's house. With an amazing dinner, Celebrating Jake's and my nieces birthday, Easter gifts from my parents, and an Egg Hunt. It was fabulous to say the least. 

This Easter was amazing. But I definitely want to say I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know he died and that he was resurrected to live again. I am grateful to him. Because of Him I am with my family for Eternity and there is no greater blessing out there!

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