Thursday, April 16, 2015

32 Weeks and a "Come to Jesus" Moment

How far along? 32 weeks and one day

Weight gain? 23 lbs since my last appt

Stretch marks? All around my  belly button. I think I have a few on my hips...I was a little sad at first but I am so over it now.

Sleep? Sleep got bad again. haha. Monday night I couldn't fall asleep till 3:30 am. BUT SHOUT OUT to Lindsey and Courtney for your guys suggestions on my back pain and what not! I appreciate it so much. I also learned that taking a warm bath right before bed helps too!

Best moment this week? I will be honest, this week has been my worst yet. But it did snow and you know how I love the snow, so that makes me happy.

Miss anything? Uhm, lots of things. But having control over my emotions and brain would be nice to have again bahaha

Cravings? Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. mmm and french fries and ice cream haha

Any Aversions? Welp I threw up a hamburger last night so I am back to hating those.

Showing? WOAH momma yes

Belly button in or out? Out and sometimes you can even see it make a debut through shirts, its just THAT awesome

Wedding ring on or off? Off, these sausage fingers cant handle it
Happy or Moody?MOODY. Like literally have cried every single day this week. 

Looking forward to? Next Tuesday I take Maternity pics! So excited and nervous, but mostly excited. Then my birthday is a week from Saturday.

Alright now side note: I had to have a come to Jesus with myself last night/this morning. Probably since Sunday of this week I have been getting pretty uncomfortable. Like more then usual and I have had a good cry every single day. Sunday night I couldn't fall asleep till 3:30 am and it pretty much was a sign of how my week was going to be. My hormones keep in mind played a HUGE part in this. That monday I bawled my little eyes out and told my husband I was done being pregnant and this sucked and I know I wanted this pretty bad but it sucked. Well the days following we're pretty much the same but less dramatic. I since have found ways to find comfort for my back and sleep, which have helped a TON, but I also decided I was being extremely selfish. If I had my baby now, like I wanted, his first two months of life would not be easy or fun for him to live. What kind of mother would I be to wish my baby to come now. Then I read this article about this girl crying about how it was hard and she was worried about being a mother. She then compared it to our Savior and how he suffered for our sins and it was extremely hard and he didn't think he could handle it. And even sometimes questioned it. I am hacking up the article entirely so just go read it here. But basically I felt so much better and I decided I need to put on my big girl panties and endure to the end. I am so blessed to be carrying this miracle and at times its extremely hard, the day I get to hold that boy in my arms and love on him will be worth it. So I am trying to be positive and focused now so here's to that!

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  1. I'm glad that you found something that helps! Back pain is the worst! Your in the home stretch momma! keep going!! You got this!