Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gettin' Crafty

Okay guys I know I kept saying I will post pictures and yady-yada, WELL it's finally time! I am not posting the full nursery of Boston's yet, cause I need to buy JUST two more things but then I will reveal his nursery. However, I created a couple things for his nursery that I will show you so its like a "sneak peek" yay! 
And can we talk about the fact that April marks 9 months since we moved in and it literally wasn't until the last month that I have decided to put things on the wall. I have been nervous/lazy to put things on the wall. First off I was scared that it wouldn't be what I wanted it to be. And then lazy-ness...well ya know. But nesting has legit started in this little prego body and it's been kinda nice because its given me that oomph to actually start. Alright enough talking!

It all started with this project first that was THE EASIEST thing! EVER! I had wanted to do these letters since we moved into a new house. They are adorable and I knew it would be fairly simple to do. PLUS they we're being sold at Anthropologie for $18 A LETTER! Uhm, thanks but no. So I made them for $2.50 a letter. I actually intended them to go above my window above my sink, but silly me, I went to hang them and they we're too big. Luckily I found a perfect home for it!

here is the link I used from Pinterest if you want to make your own

At the same time I bought the letters above at Hobby Lobby they were having a sale on ALL wooden letters. I knew I wanted a BIG B above the crib in Boston's room, so it was perfect timing. I simply painted the letter gray, and added orange scrapbook paper on top with mod podge. Simple, Easy. And I love it.

Up next also in Boston's room. Was his crib mobile. I once again found the easiest and cutest idea on Pinterest. This one cost me a little bit more then I was hoping to spend but I am obsessed so its okay, and I made it, and that brings me joy haha. All I needed was scrapbook paper, a hole punch, an embroidery hoop, string, and double sided tape. EASY! Right?
FA-REAKING Cute am-i-right?
here is the link for this DIY Mobile

Next is our hallway wall. I am slightly obsessed and loving wall collages and gallery walls right now. So my friend Jenna had the cutest one up in her house and I was like "Yup, I need to do that." So I had a million frames and random nick nacks from our old house, but I got the arrow off groop dealz that came with 3 wooden arrows that we're all but painted. Then I bought the wooden box "count your blessings" at Hobby Lobby. But my most favorite part of the whole wall is the "In This Family" print. I have seen these all over the place, as prints or on canvas'. And they we're so adorable. But I decided to do a twist on ours. Because all those other prints aren't realistic and I am all about being REAL. So I typed up our own. 
Ours says this:
In this family
we do lots and lots of messes
we yell sometimes
(but only because we love you)
we eat way too much sugar
we clean frantically
moments before guests arrive
we believe in the healing power of netflix
we laugh until we pee our pants
we embrace failure cause we do it often
we tease hard and love harder

Last is the collage above Boston's changing table. Obviously pics will be added after he is born. But once again I got the arrow from the pack of arrows and the "happy and you know it..." from Hobby Lobby. Can't wait to put pics in of my lovey. I repainted the orange, creme, and gray frames to match his room but other then that I had everything at home! The creme frame has a saying that I have loved since the day I heard it, and I knew that if I ever got pregnant I would hang it in my babies nursery. So its a little tender to me but it says:
"No one else will know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside" 

And that's a WRAP ladies and gents. By the end of the end of the month I will have Boston's room completely finished and I will post pics! YAY

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  1. You are my freaking crafting guru! It's fine. And I'm obsessed with Baby B's crib mobile too, so that's okay!

    Seriously though, everything you have done is darling! Come decorate my house, please! Oh, and I love that you changed the "In this family" print... love every single thing you have on yours! Gah.

    Do you think there's enough exclamation points in this post?! haha. That's how much I love your cute crafts!!!